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5th December 2011

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Let’s talk about Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Oh Ghost Trick, you’re a very amazing game.. Created by Shu Takumi of Phoenix Wright Fame has done it again I must say. You play as Sissel a recently deceased spirit who finds out he has “the power of the dead” which allows him to manipulate objects and go 4 minutes before a persons death to alter their fate.

I can’t really say much more because it’s all a mystery from the start of the game which is what makes this game so entertaining, not only that but it has the same humor the Ace Attorney series does which is probably the best thing about it. Funny, captivating, and great story telling there is no reason why you shouldn’t own this game if you have a DS.

I also beat Super Mario 3D Land, I’ll talk about that another day though!

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